The specialists in residential heating for over fifty years.

Excellence and innovation, since always, for the comfort within millions of homes all over the world.


A company mission founded on multiple values. The great expertise gained over the years in the field of residential heating has made of Beretta a worldwide known brand. Today, as in the beginnings, the pursuit of excellence in every activity and, more specifically, the constant attention to product and services represent Beretta core values.


In the products and in the services.
Always with absolute attention, to best meet any needs.


Since always focused on residential heating.
Because the know-how is gained thanks to focalization.


Not just for innovation's sake, but in order to foresee the demand and maximize efficiency, reliability and comfort.


In continuous evolution in order to be able to adapt
to the continuing challenges
of today’s markets.

Since always the Company, besides concentrating and investing in innovation and quality, has seen great changes of structure and organization in order to be able to adapt to the continuing challenges of today’s markets.
To meet in advance the evolutions in market demand and ensure a continuous and concrete commitment in preserving and protecting the environment, the pursuit of excellence has remained intact over the time.


Specialists in residential heating systems: this is Beretta product mission.

Beretta has always shown an exceptional ability to foresee change and respond to the resulting evolutions in demand, while confirming its vocation as a leading brand in residential heating. To meet any installation requirements, Beretta has developed also a complete range of products for light-commercial and commercial applications, both for new buildings and as a replacement.
With a strong focus on residential heating, Beretta product portfolio concentrates increasingly on new technologies that maximize energy efficiency through the intelligent integration of several energy sources, with preference for the renewables.
Beretta production plants have manufactured over 8 millions of boilers of which over 3 millions for the Italian market.


  Pre-sales. The Beretta pre-sales service team, thanks to the consolidated know-how, gives advice on the whole portfolio of products to our Sales Partners and Subsidiaries in the world, in order they can locally support engineers, architects, specifiers and developers in choosing the best solution for every project, in terms of efficiency and comfort.

Residential. Condensing and standard-efficiency wall-hung and floor-standing gas boilers; gas water heaters; hybrid systems allowing to integrate in an intelligent way different energy sources; solar thermal and heat pumps; complementary items such as hydraulic separators, DHW tanks and thermoregulation devices: these are Beretta main product families. A comprehensive portfolio, in continuous evolution, to face any installation needs.
Systems. A comprehensive range allowing to meet any installation requirements with top system solutions in terms of efficiency, reliability and performance. Beretta wide offer ranges from high power solutions for indoor and outdoor installation, in stand-alone and cascade applications, to the renewables like solar thermal and heat pumps.

After sales. Beretta has a capillary service network all over Italy, offering technical support through over 500 authorised Technical Service Centres. Each of them, selected by following a strict procedure, undergoes continuous evaluations to measure and keep the required high quality standards.
Concerning International markets, a central technical service team is committed to supporting Beretta Subsidiaries and Sales Partners worldwide to provide locally a qualified service. Wherever you buy a Beretta product in the world, you will find a local service team, able to ensure all technical support when needed.


The Future: Beretta has always shown an exceptional ability to foresee change and respond to the resulting evolutions in demand.

Two examples of many past cases: Beretta was the first Italian company to produce a wall-hung gas boiler and, with the Idra Meteo model, the first to produce a boiler specifically designed for outdoor installation. An orientation to Progress which today increasingly takes an environmental slant, with a view to excellence and cutting-edge technology. Beretta solutions target improved energy efficiency together with maximum comfort, while combining the intelligent use of different energy sources.

Everest Project. Beretta solar thermal power at 5,050 metres. Started in 1994, the "Everest Project" has seen Beretta commitment to technology and environmental safeguard for over twenty years and in different steps: a "Made in Italy" real success story in Technology and Sustainability. In agreement with the Ev-K2-CNR Committee, that manages the Laboratory/Observatory known as the "Pyramid on Everest", Beretta has signed an installation and management contract for a solar thermal system aimed to cover the energy requirements of the building, located at 5,050 metres above sea level, in the Sagarmatha National Park, at the base of Mount Everest. The "Pyramid Laboratory" represents a unique site for the scientific research at such high altitudes and is managed internally by the Ev-K2-CNR Committee together with the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology.
The Ev-K2-CNR Committee addressed directly to Beretta as the leading brand of technological excellence in the sector, in order to increase the comfort of the Research Laboratory, while reducing the impact on environment to a minimum.
A strong commitment to an eco-friendly project and structure, thanks to the sole use of renewable energies, in compliance with a wide-ranging sustainability concept: a sustainable research, sustainable technology and sustainable structures.


Beretta Italy

Lecco: Research and Development Centre, "Ateneo" Training Centre, Over 500 Authorised Service Centres all over the country

Beretta International

- China (Beijing)
- Poland (Torun)
- Romania (Bucarest)
- Spain (Barcelona)
Sales Partners and OEM Customers in over 50 countries on all continents.

Production plants

- Italy (Morbegno)
- Poland (Torun)

Beretta customer-centred approach translates into a worldwide network of specialists: proximity, expertise and professionalism are Beretta key values.

Beretta, over 40 years after the production of its first wallhung gas boiler, is nowadays a worldwide known brand in the field of home comfort solutions, synonymous with technology and quality. Beretta products are sold through Subsidiaries, Sales Partners and OEM Customers in over 30 countries on all continents.

Beretta Subsidiaries and Sales Partners, organized in a well-structured and efficient sales network, ensure:

Qualified service provided on a national basis.
Technical training courses, organized locally, to enable the installer and engineer to become familiar with Beretta products and to provide quick and simple installation and repair.
Original spare-parts and accessories.


A concrete commitment aiming at an increasingly eco-sustainable future. Beretta is "ERP-Ready". For years, Beretta has been totally committed to a system logic which integrates multiple sustainable and renewable energy sources, in perfect harmony with the environment around us, for the home comfort of millions of consumers who use Beretta products every day. For this reason, in advance, the technological and human resources of Beretta are entirely focused on offering today what will be required by the future rules.

A concrete example of this anticipated vision of the future in terms of environmental protection is represented by Beretta product portfolio, which includes a wide range of products already complying with the strict rules of the forthcoming years, among which the European ERP (Energy Related Product), which will come into force in the European Union on 26.09.2015 (Directive 2009/125/ EC and 2010/30/EC). From this date onwards, the new energy labelling will be implemented for appliances producing heating and domestic hot water and a series of efficiency and emissions constraints will automatically exclude the less performing classes of appliances.

The energy efficiency classes, divided in two macrogroups of central heating and domestic hot water, will be the same for all the relevant types of appliances, allowing the end-user to make realistic comparisons among different products. Comparisons will also be possible among systems, made of various products, because the European Rules include, from the same date of 26.09.2015, the labelling of systems. In the following years, the product and system labels will be remodeled, while removing the less performing energy classes.

The objective, unanimously agreed among the adherent Countries, was defined "20-20-20": by 2020 it is targeted in EU a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions; a 20% increase in the use of renewable resources and a 20% reduction in global energy consumption, by optimizing, inter alia, the efficiency of electrical household and air conditioning appliances and of appliances for domestic hot water production.