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Selecting the right air conditioning system is essential for achieving comfort and well- being throughout the year. In this article, we will guide you in choosing the most suitable Beretta Clima solutions for your needs by examining the features and benefits of each option. This will help you find the ideal product for your home and ensure a comfortable and pleasant environment in every season.


Breva is the new range of wall-mounted inverter air conditioners, perfect for those seeking energy efficiency and comfort all year round. With inverter technology, it offers continuous power adjustment to maintain the desired temperature, reducing energy consumption. The advanced filtration system improves air quality, making it ideal for home environments. Additionally, the BREVA range features an elegant and modern design that complements any decor.

Exclusive Agile

The new range of Exclusive Agile wall-mounted air-to-water split heat pumps is designed to provide heating, cooling, and domestic hot water. Available in 10 power sizes, these heat pumps offer a wide choice between single-phase models from 4 to 16 kW and three-phase models from 12 to 16 kW. Thanks to the DC Inverter technology compressor, they can reach heating temperatures of up to 65°C. The standard onboard control allows easy management of functions. Integrable into hybrid systems, they use R32 refrigerant gas, which is eco-friendly and high-performing. Compact dimensions and quiet operation add to the strengths of this range.

Hybrid and Connected Solutions with Hi,

Comfort Hybrid and connected solutions with Hi, Comfort represent the cutting edge of home air conditioning. The Hi, Comfort T300 system, with its modern design and advanced features, allows remote comfort management via an app, integrating boilers and heat pumps to optimize energy consumption. This system can control up to three different zones, ensuring personalized and efficient climate management throughout the house.

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning System

To choose the most suitable Beretta air conditioning system for your needs, consider the following aspects
  • Energy Efficiency: A high-efficiency system reduces operating costs and environmental impact.
  • Control and Connectivity: Connected solutions offer greater convenience and optimized remote management.
  • Air Quality: Systems with advanced filters improve indoor air quality.
  • Versatility: Hybrid solutions offer greater flexibility to adapt to seasonal needs.
By considering these elements, you can find the ideal system that ensures maximum comfort for your home in every season.