FONTE Lx, the new generation of conventional flue water heaters

Within the new generation of products with low NOx emissions, Fonte Lx is the new instantaneous conventional flue water heater, entirely signed by Beretta from know-how to industrialization.

The new Fonte Lx range, completely renewed in the design, both aesthetically and functionally, consists of two models of 11 and 14 litres, available both as natural gas and LPG versions, with dedicated codes, able to offer the maximum domestic hot water comfort in compliance with the recent European regulations for the reduction of NOx emissions.

The compact dimensions and the modern design allow Fonte Lx to be sited easily in every living context. These features, together with the ease of maintenance and user-friendliness, characterize Fonte Lx as a very viable product in the panorama of residential comfort.

An entirely “home made” product signed Beretta

Our production plant in Torun (Poland)

Beretta signs with its know-how all the development steps of the new Fonte Lx, from the concept to design at the historical Research and Development Center in Lecco, up to industrialization and production at its plants.

A product therefore entirely "made in Europe", which results from the sum of the characteristics that have made Beretta one of the leading brands in the residential context, not only in Italy but also internationally, such as reliability, low environmental impact, nice and compact design, high performance and maximum usability, both for the end user and for the technician and the installer.


A Battery level LED
C This button allows the end user to increase the domestic hot water temperature

D This button allows the end user to decrease the domestic hot water temperature.
This button, if pressed for 5 seconds, allows the RESET of an anomaly.

Modern and intuitive control panel

Fonte Lx stands out for the ease of use for the end user, a characteristic that reconfirms one of Beretta's technological research drivers since its origins, aimed at creating products with maximum usability.

The design of the new control panel, modern and linear, in family-line with the new generation Beretta products, is characterized by an intuitive backlit display, which immediately shows the water temperature in ° C and the diagnostic of any anomalies, together with two icons indicating the presence of the flame and the battery charge level.

Three buttons allow to manage all the functions of the water heater by the end user.
On the control panel there is also a LED that flashes when the batteries level is low, thus signalling the need for their replacement.



  • Instantaneous, conventional flue water heater with dedicated versions for natural gas and LPG
  • Battery ignition (2 x 1.5V batteries supplied as standard)
  • High DHW load profile (XL on the 14 lt model)
  • Abundant production of domestic hot water at Δt 25 ° C of 11 and 14 liters / min
  • Innovative project design
  • New self-adapting system with thermostatic device
  • Increased output modulation and domestic hot water flow rate, compared to the previous range
  • Electronic reset from the user interface of the domestic hot water and flues thermostats, in case of anomalies (RESET button)


  • Thanks to the advanced electronic modulating flame regulation system


  • Simple and intuitive buttons
  • Immediate display of the temperature on display
  • Battery charge level shown on the display with LED to indicate replacement


  • Wide operating and comfort range
  • High temperature stability of the supplied hot water
  • Domestic hot water supply even with minimum water draw-off or low pressure


  • Innovative interface with backlit display, 3 buttons and a LED for battery replacement
  • Modern aesthetic lines and compact dimensions for an easy setting in every living context


  • Quick and easy installation without the need to remove the casing
  • Innovative electronic gas valve without membrane for speedy maintenance

Last generation burner, low NOx

The new line FONTE Lx is able to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of low emissions, in forse since September 2018, as required by the Regulations (UE) 814/2013, that set the new limits of NOx at 56 mg/kWh or less, for the safeguard of the environment.

Thanks to the innovative burner of FONTE Lx, of hyperstechiometric type, cooled by water, the carbon monoxide and nitrogen polluting emissions, produced by combustion, are significantly lowered, such as to satisfy with flying colors the new limits set by the international regulation.

The new features of the hydraulic circuit

The innovative electronic gas valve with pressure regulator regulates the power delivered electronically, on the basis of the flow meter and the NTC flow temperature probe.

As the traditional gas valve with membrane and mechanical regulation is no longer present, maintenance is simplified and performance improved.