Deeply renewed in technology and design, MYNUTE EVO X features different advantages compared with the previous series: from the wide modulation range 1:10 on all models, to the new heat exchanger in stainless steel with renewed adaptive combustion system and up to the new touch control, just to mention the main ones.

Common denominator of the entire range is the technological research aimed at saving energy, while offering higher comfort: from silent operation to performance, there are many improved features of MYNUTE EVO X, which the user will not fail to appreciate.

The new range comes in completely renewed aesthetic lines, conveying a modern and evolved character, which harmonizes easily in different residential settings, both in replacement and in the new building.

Moreover, like all Beretta boilers of the new generation, MYNUTE EVO X is oriented towards the future: it is in fact suitable to operate with blends of natural gas and hydrogen up to 20%, thus helping to reduce the impact on environment and the emissions of condensing boilers in the coming years.








MYNUTE EVO X features a new digital touchpad interface characterized by an eye-catching design, in line with the current aesthetic standards. Designed with a particular attention to ease of use, the control panel of MYNUTE EVO X provides userfriendly access to all boiler and system settings and parameters through a simple “touch” on seven points of its surface.

Each touch activates a buzzer, that generates an acoustic feedback as a confirmation of the operation. The 2,8’’ HMI display communicates with the user and the installer through icons, allowing an immediate understanding of the displayed function.


  • New flue flange featuring fast and safe, click-fit connections.
  • Low NOX emissions: Class 6 (EN 15502)
  • High modulation ratio 1:10 on the whole range, for high energy saving
  • Energy efficiency 93%
  • Side expansion vessel 9 litres
  • Top cover and bottom shelf made of new co-molded materials to help durability and strength
  • New modular digital low energy circulator
  • New hydraulic group with din type connections sequence for easy replacement
  • Same dimensions across the entire range. Even the 35 kW model is only 275 mm deep!


MYNUTE EVO X is equipped with a completely new intelligent combustion control system ACC (Active Combustion Control), which can automatically adapt to the fuel (natural gas, LPG, etc.) without use of specific codes or accessory conversion kits. This innovative and sophisticated combustion control allows self-adjustment of combustion, eliminating the need for initial calibration.The ACC system is also capable of adapting the boiler to operate with different configurations of gas, different pipe lengths and at different altitudes (within the allowed design limits). The ACC is also capable of self-diagnostics so that combustion is always under control, with emissions consistently well below regulatory limits.


The MYNUTE EVO X “high performance” DHW exchanger, developed in-house, offers excellent comfort, along with rapid set point attainment and temperature stability during drawing.


Thanks also to the new materials introduced, MYNUTE EVO X stands out for its silent operation, an improved feature if compared to the previous homonymous range and particularly appreciable in the case of installation of the boiler inside the home. In fact, the noise level ranges from 45 db(A), for the 30C model, up to 48 db(A) for the 20R model.


The ACC system simplifies installation. During first ignition, the new boiler does not require calibration and it is sufficient to select the type of fuel gas used by the boiler via the interface, if different from the default (natural gas). The small size and light weight make the product easily transportable during installation. Frontal accessibility to the components also makes the product easier to maintain for the technician in charge, speeding up his intervention time.


MYNUTE EVO X can be integrated into Beretta’s multi-energy systems (gas/electricity and renewables), through the offer of Hi, Comfort platform accessories.


Beretta's new generation of condensing boilers evolves toward increasingly integrated comfort solutions to offer an effective contribution to the energy transition in terms of responsible energy use.

MYNUTE EVO X launches compatibility with Hi, Comfort T300, the new room control with an elegant and modern design that integrates advanced functions, up to the management, even from remote, of a hybrid system.

* available from 2nd quarter 2024


Beretta’s ongoing commitment to creating heating solutions that care about people and the environment now extends to packaging. MYNUTE EVO X, like all new generation Beretta boilers, is packaged in FSC-certified, plastic-free and fully recyclable cardboard, a further contribution to minimizing the environmental impact of our products.


FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is currently ‘the most accredited forest certification system in the world in terms of number of certificates issued, robustness of the certification criteria and companies involved in the processes.’


Special attention is also paid to end-of-life product recycling, through the declaration of the recyclability index of the product on the packaging, equal to 78% on MYNUTE EVO X, an indicator which expresses the degree of material recovery, the so-called Secondary Raw Materials (MPS), useful to be reused in the production of new goods, thus contributing to the reduction of carbon footprint.

* The product recyclability index was derived from internal estimates based on an independent study conducted in 2022 on a condensing boiler, Model 20139525 Residence 25 Kis* (DOMESTIC AEE belonging to Grouping R4 of the WEEE regulations according to Il D.Lgs. 49/2014), by ECOPED, the Italian Consortium for the Management of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), Batteries and Accumulators (Ri.P.A.) and Sports and Leisure Equipment.


The MYNUTE EVO X range is designed to operate with blends of natural gas and hydrogen, up to a maximum of 20%: a first important step towards the objectives of environmental sustainability, in the decarbonisation process started by the European Union.


And there’s more. Beretta now aims to the use of pure hydrogen as an energy source completely CO2-free. To this purpose, the new MYNUTE EVO X range has been tested to operate with 100% hydrogen combustion via a conversion kit, currently under development in our laboratories.

  • Availability in huge quantities
  • Production by low-impact and sustainable methods from renewable sources, such as wind, photovoltaics, and biomass energy
  • Emissions reduction
  • Real opportunity for change to start the decarbonisation process, fight global climate change, and improve the quality of air and life.
BERETTA personnel is at your disposal.

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