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Beretta, the residential heating expert for over 50 years. Providing excellence and innovation for the comfort within millions of homes in Italy and all over the world, since the beginning.

Since it was first established, Beretta has distinguished itself by its ability to anticipate changes and respond to the subsequent evolution of market needs.

Today, the innate propensity for innovation, to meet the increasingly urgent challenges of energy saving and respect for the environment, translates into the search for an increasingly conscious and efficient use of energy sources.

It is from these premises that the new Beretta X-SERIES condensing boiler range comes to life. Created to meet the growing comfort needs of our customers, the X-SERIES boilers have many distinctive features and offer multiple solutions to meet a wide range of system requirements.



X-SERIES condensing boilers are all equipped with a highly durable and high-performance stainless steel exchanger.



X-SERIES goes beyond the 'single product' logic to offer 'comfort solutions', thanks to installation flexibility and the wide range of accessories that characterise each range.



The conscious use of energy is the X-SERIES' answer to the challenge of environmental sustainability required by the times we live in.



Energy efficiency and reduced consumption, the basis of X-SERIES technological research, translate into energy saving. A benefit for the environment and savings on bills.



X-SERIES looks to the future. The EXCLUSIVE X, MYNUTE X BOX, CIAO X, METEO X and POWER EVO-X ranges are designed to operate with blends of natural gas and hydrogen – up to 20%.



If you want to upgrade your system, replace your old generator with a new generation X-SERIES boiler, benefiting from government incentives (Italian market).



The new generation X SERIES boilers stand out for their ease of use and maintenance, two features which have always characterised Beretta products.


X-Series boilers are all equipped with a primary heat exchanger made from stainless steel, a material which is synonymous with strength and durability.
Formed of a large cross-section pipe, to facilitate the passage of water and better cleaning over time, the primary exchanger is the true heart of the boiler, performing the main task of heating the water flowing into the radiators or underfloor system.
The STAINLESS STEEL from which it is made, a noble metal par excellence, ensures excellent efficiency.
Its single-loop design inherently prevents clogging phenomena.
Last but not least, frontal access to the heat exchanger facilitates and speeds up maintenance and cleaning.


X-Series is not just the new beretta generation of condensing boilers. X-Series goes beyond 'single product' logic to offer 'comfort solutions'.

Thanks to its wide range, its installation flexibility and its rich offer of optional accessories, the X-SERIES offers a variety of solutions to meet the most diverse comfort and installation requirements.

From small and medium-sized residential buildings to larger flats and villas, X-SERIES offers the right solution. In addition to the specific outdoor and power models to serve 'commercial' facilities such as shops, gyms, schools, etc., the X-SERIES residential boilers can be installed not only inside the home but also in garages or outdoors, in a partially covered location. All of them are designed not only for new builds, but primarily to facilitate the replacement of old boilers, thanks to the availability of specific accessories which meet a wide variety of system requirements. From plumbing accessories to flue gas accessories, from sludge removal and magnetic filters to the aesthetic covers, Beretta X-SERIES offers multiple solutions for various applications.


Respect for the environment has always been one of Beretta's research strengths. Today, as never before, the challenges of our time are spurring us on to a renewed energy awareness. This translates mainly into the search for greater efficiency, low consumption and reduction of waste and harmful emissions.

The X-SERIES sets itself apart thanks to a number of features resulting from this conscious approach. Here are the main ones:

  • A high modulation ratio characterises all products in the new series, not just the top of the range, because we believe that reducing waste is at the heart of environmental friendliness. Modulation is in fact the ability of the boiler to autonomously adapt its output to the user's requirements.
  • All the X-SERIES boilers are Class NOx 6, the best in terms of respect for the environment in accordance with the current European standards.
  • The X-SERIES boilers are equipped with low-consumption circulators.
  • Possibility of integrating medium and high range boilers into multi-energy systems, favouring renewable sources.
  • The high range boilers are equipped with the 'ACC COMBUSTION' electronic injection combustion system. This system automatically maintains constant efficiency as the power modulates, reducing gas consumption to actual requirements.


By choosing an X-Series condensing boiler, you are choosing to save money.

The boilers of the new series are characterised by high efficiency and low consumption, which translates into energy savings for the user.

Discover all the technologies and tricks Beretta has put in place in the ranges shown here to help you save money.


X-Series looks to the future.

The EXCLUSIVE X, MYNUTE X BOX, CIAO X, METEO X and POWER EVO-X boilers are already designed to operate with blends of natural gas and hydrogen – up to a maximum of 20% – a first important step towards achieving the environmental sustainability targets and the decarbonisation path initiated by the European Union.

  • Produced with low-impact, sustainable methods from renewable sources such as wind, photovoltaic and biomass.
  • Reduction of polluting emissions in the percentage of its use.
  • Available in huge quantities.
  • A real opportunity for change – to begin the decarbonisation process, fight global climate change and improve the quality of air and life.


If you have an old heating system, now is the right time to make it more efficient by replacing your old boiler with a Beretta X-Series model.

All the boilers in this series meet the technical requirements to benefit from the following government incentives (Italian market):

Tax benefits when replacing obsolete boilers with new condensing appliances (valid until 31/12/2024).

Tax benefits when replacing obsolete boilers with new class A condensing appliances together with the installation of advanced room temperature thermostats of class V or higher (valid until 31/12/2024).

Tax benefits in the event of energy-efficient building works. Replacing an obsolete boiler with a condensing boiler is one of those interventions that can contribute to the upgrading of the energy class of the building by two levels (for deadlines and deduction percentages see Italian Law Decree 176/22 - decree aid quater*).

State capital grant to improve the performance of heating systems. Costs sustained when replacing an obsolete boiler with a new condensing appliance can be reimbursed by up to 40%. This type of incentive is reserved for public bodies and public administration (there is no expiry date).

*pending conversion into law at the time of going to press.


The ease of use and maintenance of its products have always been in the dna of the technological research carried out by Beretta, to allow the user to enjoy comfort without any complications.

As Charlie Chaplin said, 'simplicity is not a simple thing'. Today, thanks to Beretta's experience gained over more than 50 years in the heating sector, using the new generation X-SERIES boilers is still simple and intuitive via the boiler interface, the remote panel or even the App if the boiler is paired with a Hi, COMFORT thermostat.

Even controlling the different energy requirements of a Beretta hybrid system integrated with one of the X-SERIES** boilers, is a simple operation using the REC 10 MH, Beretta's remote panel that acts as a true Energy Manager.

Easy maintenance is also a much appreciated feature of the X-SERIES products.

Thanks to the frontal access of all main components, maintenance and service operations by the specialist technician are easier and faster.

**excluding CIAO X.